Delivery Policy

Delivery Policy

High Lights

  • Cash on Delivery not available
  • Delivery charges depend on the location and weight of the order
  • 2-3 business days for deliveries to Metro-cities (Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Kolkata & Mumbai)
  • 3-7 business days for deliveries to the rest of India
If there is any conflict between this Delivery Policy and the Online Terms and Conditions, the Online Terms and Conditions will prevail and will apply in respect of all products sold through the Zoha Corporate Gifting website.
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Details of our delivery service

Refund Policy

If an order is placed on our website and your payment is deducted, but your order is canceled for any reason (Personal Request, Design Issue, etc.,) we will reimburse your money within 7-10 working days. However, if you cancel your order to place a reorder with a different job, then we will transfer your money as a “Re-Order Token” to your account, which you may use to place future orders with us.


Only if the package is being damaged/Incorrect product being sent return is acceptable and the same has to be mentioned to the carrier while accepting the product.

Damaged Product being received

If the product received has the exterior box/cover tampered with, DO NOT ACCEPT IT. Instead, snap a picture and share it with us while rejecting it, which may help us place a fresh order before the damaged one is returned to us for inquiry.
If the product is received in fine condition but the inside product is damaged, we will assist you in managing it; however, if the opening video is available, we will assist you in sending the replacement order without question.

What if the status says delivered but the product hasn't arrived?

If you haven’t received your shipment but the status shows Delivered, don’t worry; we can assist you in determining who has collected the goods by requesting Proof of Delivery (POD) or Delivery Receipt Sip (DRS Copy) from the Courier Company
It will take 4-5 business days for the courier company to respond with the POD or DRS; once received, we will share the same with you via the message section (on the Jobs page); please allow us additional time to handle this. Meanwhile, please verify with reception/security/neighbours to see whether someone on your behalf has received the shipment. If not, please let us know and we will inquire.

Details of our delivery service

Will I get refund/Compensation if my order is late?

The product will be delivered according to the delivery timeframe specified during the checkout process and we are strictly adhering to the same schedule. If there is a delay due to severe weather, Govt Restriction or any courier delay for any reason we will not be able to help in any refund/compensation but will try our best for delivering the product on-time. However, if you have any problems receiving your order, please contact us so that we can rectify the situation immediately.

What does Delivery Exception means?

Please be aware that we make every effort to have the product delivered at all costs, but if a package is unable to be delivered, our support staff will notify you in the message section (on the job page) that the courier company was unable to deliver the product and the reason which we receive from them as mention as “Facing Delivery Exception”.
Once we receive your response, we will forward it to the courier firm so that delivery may be attempted again.



If you do not respond within a day, your package will be returned to the “Production Unit” (in the meantime, we will request the courier company to reattempt delivery from our end to try delivering if possible). If your package is returned to the “Production Unit” in such a case, please provide us with an alternate address, complete pin code, and landmark details so that our Ops team can calculate the reshipping cost and share the payment link.


Since we are charged for each return shipment . I hope you understand and are willing to help us.
Note: If the returned shipment is not accepted or no response received for reshipping within 30 days of the goods being delivered to the HUB as per Zoha Corporate Gifting’s terms and conditions, the package will be scrapped/destroyed and no refund will be issued for the order.

Also, please offer feedback after you receive the product if you find the shipment to be tampered with, damaged, or faulty so that the claim may be closed as soon as possible.

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